Here's the voice you're looking for.


Haven’t worked with a voice talent or audio producer before? Email me and I’ll walk you through the whole process ­čÖé

If you know what you’re looking for, here’s the deal:

For all services, please specify your timeline, including interim and final deadlines. Please also specify the file format and labeling convention you want used for the finished product, if you know them. I can handle all the standard formats, and can help you figure out what you need if you’re not sure.

For voiceovers,┬áplease send┬áthe actual script and details about how and where you want it recorded, if you want it edited and how you’re handling post-production.┬áI typically record one round of pickups for free; re-writes will incur a reasonable fee. If you need audio editing as part of a voice gig, please let me know what level of editing you need and I’ll include it in the quote for the project – price varies by length of project, number of files, level of editing and the need or lack thereof for additional music or effects.

For singing,┬áplease specify┬ásome combination of sheet music, lyrics and/or backing music (unless you need improv) and details about how and where you want it recorded and if you want it edited – I do not offer music production.

For copywriting and script analysis, please send a detailed description of your project and any content already written.

Questions? Email